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Over 12 years’ experience translating diverse texts for the immigration, legal, real estate, education and NGO sectors.

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I ensure your texts read as though they were written by a native English speaker

Welcome to Justine Raymond Translation Services. I am a professional freelance Spanish to English translator with more than 12 years’ experience.

I translate official documentation, contracts and certificates for private individuals, as well as for companies in the real estate and legal sectors, and for firms specializing in immigration and international relocation. I also save NGOs precious time by translating their funding proposals while they deal with work on the ground. Furthermore, I translate marketing material for educational institutions looking to attract students for their study abroad programs.  

As you can see, my work covers a broad spectrum and can range from translation of lease agreements, bank statements and birth certificates to press releases, annual reports and funding proposals. Whenever time permits, I also undertake voluntary translation work for charities in Latin America. 

An accurate translation will ensure your documents are processed without delay


Getting your official documentation right first time

When relocating abroad, you need to ensure that your personal documentation is both in order and translated accurately into English so that it meets with official approval. Often, people will let a non-professional translate their documents, which increases the chance that such translations will be inaccurate or fail to include essential information. The immigration approval process will therefore be delayed or stopped altogether. You want to ensure that the paperwork process is as smooth as possible. As a professional translator, versed in the requirements of officialdom and attentive to detail, I ensure that your certificates, records and personal information are reflected accurately in the eyes of native English-speaking immigration officials and therefore fulfill official criteria. 


Creating fluent and coherent formal texts

Legal and official text is often convoluted and elaborate. I can help translate it so that your contracts, agreements and specifications make sense to the Anglophone world, whether you work in real estate, a legal firm or specialize in immigration. Maybe a client wants to buy a property but requires financing to do so. Translation into English of their banking documents is a prerequisite to obtaining this financing from a bank based in the U.S. or other English-speaking country. Perhaps a letter from the client’s employer in Latin America needs to be translated, or a purchase or lease agreement. You want to expedite such processes for your clients, make the process comprehensive and ensure a competent and professional image.    

Making your marketing message matter!

Are you an educational institution that wants to attract English speakers to your study abroad programs in Latin America? Are you running a business course that seeks to enroll more Anglophones? Perhaps you want to appeal to the lucrative English-speaking market and attract a wider customer base. Your English may be proficient but your marketing material needs to be able to ‘speak’ in a language that native speakers understand, otherwise your text risks ‘sounding’ stilted and unnatural. Whether you are selling language courses, real estate or ice-cream, let me make your text meaningful to native speakers and enable your business to open up and reach more clients. Localization is key!


Saving NGOs valuable time

As a busy not-for-profit organization, you already have staff who speak a myriad of languages. The problem is, your organization often doesn’t have the time to carry out lengthy translations and would much rather get on with the important work of saving lives on the ground… You need a translator who not only cares about your work but who is versed in NGO-speak. Whether the translation concerns the accessibility of medical care for hard-to-reach communities or a management summary for a regional infrastructure program, I can help! I have translated many texts for NGOs over the years and can save your organization precious time and ensure that your message reaches the wider world!


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Proofreading and Editing

Refine and polish your vocabulary, grammar and punctuation



Transcribing a range of audio and visual material


Text Adaptation and Conversion

Versed in the linguistic quirks of different regions


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